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Backed up by a Massive Voice Talents Database, we give to you the “Rock Solid Sound Experience”: with the main recording room covered with Portuguese granite and equipped with Neumann microphones, we only deliver the good stuff.

Our Voice Overs are ready for:
Advertising | Films | TV Series | Documentaries | Animations | Presentations | Audiobooks | E-learning | Help Desks and IVR systems | Software | Web and Mobile Apps | GPS and Positioning Apps | Audio Guides and Tourism | TTS systems | and a huge etc…

Top Notch Quality
With a control room designed by Phillip Newell, the main recording room is covered with Portuguese granite, making it perfect for voice recordings.
Fast Turnaround
We’re ready for your recording job at any given moment, and turbo mode is always on. The faster we deliver, the quicker we invoice you. Right?
Remote Directing
You’re welcome to attend the recording session by apper.in, ipDTL or, when close by, in person.
Fair Pricing
Our pricing goes by the word. Get a DIY quote by using the calculator available in the Cave. You can do the math here!
Unbeatable Workflow
Learn more about our workflow.
We're crushing it

We’re not an ordinary voice-over website/agency that relies on freelancers with home studios (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

More than 95% of the Voice Talents available on our database record in our studio, this way we keep our quality consistent and a streamlined workflow.

Check out some statistics from our database below.

European Portuguese

269 Voice Talents

Brazilian Portuguese

91 Voice Talents

Spanish (EU & LA)

86 Voice Talents

European French

71 Voice Talents

English (UK/NA/SA)

36 Voice Talents

The Grand Total

616 Voice Talents

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