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Professional Dubbing Services

Backed up by a Massive Voice Talents Database, we give to you the "Rock Solid Sound Experience": with the main recording room covered with Portuguese granite and equipped with Neumann microphones, we only deliver the good stuff.

A workflow designed to maximize convenience, productivity, and speed without compromising quality.
There are studios out there still putting paper scripts in front of the actors. Yes, physical sheets of paper from actual trees. We just use the best technology available in the market to do the job.
Professional Direction
The artistic direction is performed by professionals with relevant background and experience in the field.

Did someone say bonus Subtitles with dubbing jobs? Oh, wait, we did – Bonus Subtitles with Dubbing jobs!

Can you beat the unbeatable? No one can…

We're crushing it

We’re not an ordinary voice-over website/agency that relies on freelancers with home studios (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

More than 95% of the Voice Talents available on our database record in our studio, this way we keep our quality consistent and a streamlined workflow.

Check out some statistics from our database below.

European Portuguese

256 Voice Talents

Brazilian Portuguese

87 Voice Talents

Spanish (EU & LA)

87 Voice Talents

European French

66 Voice Talents

English (UK/NA/SA)

34 Voice Talents

The Grand Total

592 Voice Talents

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