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Aren't they probably heroic

The naked truth

So, if you’re reading this, chances are that you’re mildly interested about who we are and what are our company’s values, right?

Let’s just start by saying that you’re not going to find here cliche expressions like “multidisciplinary team” – this one doesn’t count – or that we’re a “client-driven” company – As opposed to what? A supplier driven company? Get real, people! – or even that we’re incredibly proactive – which, by the way, we try to be.

Simply put, enough of the tiresome babble you pretty much see/read everywhere and about which we suspect you are, just like ourselves, completely fed up.

That said, here’s what we, as a company, do and don’t believe in and what give us that nervous eye twitch:


INPUT STUDIO is born in a recording space built from the ground up (for music recording) by Álvaro & João Azevedo in 2002.


João Azevedo & Leandro Seabra meet and start working together shortly after. Leandro went by bicycle to the meeting.

2014 - AUDIO LEAGUE Assembles

João & Leandro expand their partnership by forming AUDIO LEAGUE LDA while keeping INPUT STUDIO as a brand and location.

2016 - INPUT STUDIO 2.0
Input Studio gets rebranded and launches a new website together with a fresh business strategy.
2017 - Input Cave

Input Studio launches Input Cave – a safe place for business and the brand new web domain input.studio.

We Believe In
  • Doing business plain and simple;
  • Being as straightforward as possible;
  • Turning a profit;
  • The Free Market;
  • The power of the Internet;
  • Ourselves.
We Do Not Believe In
  • Using “less than legit” software;
  • Being always the best fit for the job;
  • Wasting your/our precious time;
  • Taking ourselves too serious;
  • Unicorns (it’s a metaphor).
We Call It BS
  • To not getting paid;
  • To bureaucracy and regulations;
  • To bureaucracy and regulations (yep, twice);
  • To snowflakes;
  • To self-proclaimed CEOs.
Where are you located?

We’re based in the north of Portugal in the coastline city of Matosinhos.

You can reach us by plane,  we’re 10/15 minutes away from Porto’s Airport. Using public transportation, Metro or Bus, or by car/bike/skate/etc., free and paid parking spaces very nearby. The quickest way to reach us still being by e-mail or phone!

I'm looking for Work. What do you have available?
Check out the open opportunities at https://workwith.input.studio/freelancers.
You're so... edgy?

Yes, we are. Thanks for noticing.

We’re Input Studio

Very nice to meet you

João Azevedo

João Azevedo


Leandro Seabra

Leandro Seabra

Person/Managing Partner

Nuno J. Loureiro

Nuno J. Loureiro

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